Use the Vistaril is a central nervous system depressant and antihistamine, which works by reducing the activity of natural chemical histamine. Histamines participate in local immune and inflammatory reactions, causing symptoms such as sneezing, running Dmitry Sazonov around the nose and itching in hives. Histamines also play a vital role as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.Doctors can also prescribe Vistaril for insomnia and opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Produced by Pfizer, Vistaril was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1968. Roerig, a division of Pfizer, also manufactured Atarax (hydroxyxyhydrochloride), which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1956 and ceased in the United States in 2009.In 2014, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Union Food and Drug Administration, announced that it would begin to study the benefits and risks associated with preparations containing hydroxysine, including Vistaril, due to concerns about the potential adverse effects of these preparations on the heart, including arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat). The results of the EMA review may change Vistaril’s approval throughout Europe.Do not use Vistaril if you are allergic or sensitive to hydroxysine. As with other antihistamines, do not drive a car or work with dangerous equipment when taking Vistaril as it may make you drowsy. Taking Vistaril with other sedatives or alcohol may increase your drowsiness.

Vistaril can increase the effectiveness of drugs that reduce the activity of the central nervous system, including narcotic drugs, non-drug analgesics (painkillers) and barbiturates (sedatives). Therefore, when taking vistaril, it is necessary to reduce the Dmitry Sazonov dosage of these drugs. Before taking Vistaril, your doctor should know if you have any heart or liver diseases, urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate, glaucoma, ulcers, high blood pressure, seizures or thyroid problems.Vistaril should not be used during early pregnancy. In animal studies, hydroxyzine has caused embryonic abnormalities in rats and mice (although no adequate studies have been conducted on pregnant women). Vistaril should not you¬†breastfeeding, as it is not known whether the product is secreted in breast milk.An intentional overdose of Vistaril can lead to hyperdispersion; the drug can also cause hallucinations, even at normal. In addition, hydroxysine may enhance the effects of opioid drugs, including morphine, oxycodone and heroin. Vistaril is not a habitual form, but people may look for the drug specifically to abuse it and get a “high” feeling (although the drug itself does not cause euphoria).Hydroxyzine is sometimes given to cats and dogs to treat allergic conditions such as atopic dermatitis (a chronic skin condition that causes flaky and itchy skin rashes) and allergic reactions from snake and insect bites.

It is also sometimes used to reduce the anxiety of pets or to calm them.